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Welcome To DayWatch!

We’re a leading provider of many professional services for dogs – including Dog Daycare Batavia IL as well as grooming and training. We have many years of experience in the dog care industry! If you’re a dog owner in need of a secure and convenient place where your beloved pet can receive quality care during the daytime hours while you’re off at work or out of town, DayWatch is the affordable solution.

We offer drop-off and pick up times scheduled at your convenience, making our professional pet care services an outstanding value! We’re thrilled to be one of the premiere providers of excellent Dog Daycare Batavia IL in the western suburbs. We’re confident that when you and your canine friend give DayWatch a try, you’ll see right away that we offer a caring and welcoming atmosphere your dog will enjoy!

The Benefits of Dog Daycare Batavia IL – Socialization and Exercise

Regardless of how well a dog may normally behave, dogs – just like their human companions – can eventually become aggravated and start to act out when left alone at home for extended lengths of time. Chewed-up shoes, carpet and furniture are typical signs of dogs who are spending too many hours in a single location unattended. (Particularly if the dog is not accustomed to being left alone.)

When you bring your pup to DayWatch for Dog Daycare Batavia IL, he or she will have plenty of room to run and play and interact with other dogs. In fact, socializing with their fellow dogs helps form good canine citizens! Some of the ways your dog can benefit from socialization at our facility include:

-Socializing as part of Dog Daycare Batavia IL helps dogs feel at ease in new situations and environments. Dogs who haven’t spent much time around other dogs can become anxious in unfamiliar situations. By socializing and playing with others at our dog-friendly facility, your dog’s anxieties will ease!

-Promotes healthy, active dogs. Dogs who frequently interact, exercise and play with other dogs and people tend to be healthier and happier than those who do not. When a dog is feeling worried or anxious about their surroundings that means they are less likely to feel enjoyment and take part in exercising.

-Develops more confidence. By socializing your dog, you’re encouraging them to develop new, better behaviors and to become a well-rounded companion that is comfortable is most any situation. Their confidence will most likely grow as each new interaction at Dog Daycare Batavia IL results in positive experiences. Socializing your dog can result in a more joyful pup in general – which also makes happier pet parents too! With lots of playtime, plenty of opportunities to meet with new furry friends and get healthy exercise, your dog will go home in good spirits after Dog Daycare Batavia IL with us!

Call to learn more and to book Dog Daycare or Overnight Dog Boarding at DayWatch today at 630-496-5500.

Our staff of experienced pet care specialists is here to accommodate your pet care needs whether you’ll need us for Dog Daycare only or in addition to our other services like dog grooming or obedience training.

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