Dog Day care

Dog daycare offers many benefits, from relieving the pressure on you and your schedule to providing a worry-free and dependable dog care option.

Dog Daycare

When you’re working or doing errands all day, it’s only natural that as a pet parent you want your furry friend to be in a secure place.

The dog daycare services at DayWatch offer benefits like:

  • Opportunities to socialize with other dogs.
  • Prevents separation anxiety.
  • Establishes an enjoyable routine for your pet.
  • Increases daily exercises by playing with other dogs and our staff.
  • Relieves boredom.
  • Decreases loneliness while you’re away.
  • Convenience. (Inquire about our grooming and training options.)
  • Your pet receives supervised playtime.
  • Your dog will become more confident around other dogs and in social settings.
  • DayWatch upholds safe practices.

There’s no doubt that dogday care at our facility is an excellent choice for busy pet owners!

If you have some concerns that your dog is spending too much time in isolation while you’re out during the day at work, give us a call or visit us at DayWatch to learn more.

Exercise is Good for Your Dog!
When it comes to the question of “is dog daycare right for my dog?,” just consider the healthy exercise your pup can enjoy here at DayWatch! It’s a healthy and convenient alternative to leaving a dog alone at home where they are far more likely to lay around with no activity.

Improves Socialization
It’s important to socialize young dogs with others to ensure they will be comfortable and not feel anxious. Dog daycare is among the very best ways to accomplish this. Here at DayWatch, your dog will be able to meet our other canine guests and learn how to make new friends!

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