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Doggy Daycare Near Me Kane County IL

It’s not uncommon for many dogs to be left alone at home each day while their pet parents are away at work or school. This lack of regular interaction for lengthy stretches of time can lead to disobedience, excessive barking and stress for the dog. A healthy alternative that helps eliminate those disruptive behaviors is to enroll in Doggy Daycare Near Me Kane County IL at a DayWatch location near you.

Dog daycare offers an excellent opportunity for your 4-legged buddy to improve on lots of important skill sets. Take a look at the following benefits to Doggy Daycare Near Me Kane County IL:

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Tips for Brushing Your Dog’s Coat and Why It’s Important

With the busy schedule at your household each day it can be easy to overlook at task like brushing your dog. It’s understandable that dog owners may put it off but after you become aware of the several benefits to regular brushing, you’ll look forward to it and want to set aside the time.

Besides, as a pet owner it’s your priority to keep your canine friend happy and healthy. If you own a new puppy or an adult dog who seems resistant to brushing, it’s best to just begin slowly with only a minute or two of brushing. Then, give your pup a special treat they’ll receive only after a brushing session.

During a grooming session either at home or by the DayWatch personnel, brushing provides a chance to spot problems such as parasites or bumps.

Brushing your pet consistently helps us get familiar with your dog’s coat and skin, so it’s easier to detect something unusual. Sometimes bumps are no cause for concern, but early detection in some cases make a big difference.

Paw Pad Maintenance and Trimming

Your pup’s paws are what gives her the freedom to play, run in your yard, and walk across a variety of surfaces from gravel and asphalt to dirt and grass. Although your dog’s paws are remarkably resilient, it’s still important to provide care for them.

Grooming for your dog’s paws—ranging from the pads to the nails – serves to ensure that she does not experience irritation or risk of getting an infection that could make walking and running difficult and uncomfortable.

If you have not considered paw grooming for your dog before, here’s a quick look at why it’s such an essential part of canine care:

It gets uncomfortable for dogs to walk when they have overgrown nails. Ideally, your dog’s nails should not touch the ground when he is standing, which means he is not placing pressure upon the nails. If they are allowed to continue growing, the nails can even start to extend around the paw and press into the pads. Consequently, this can cause a painful sore and potentially pave the way for an infection. In addition, longer dog nails are at greater risk of breaking and splintering. Depending upon where the break happens, that can be very painful for your dog.

For a lot of pet owners, the notion of clipping their dog’s nails is something they are not comfortable attempting. It’s not uncommon for many dogs to be resistant to nail trimming whether by their owner or by an experienced dog groomer. However, it is an essential part of grooming and your dog’s reluctance toward it should not prevent you from ensuring your pet’s nails are trimmed to a healthy length.

If you would like to enroll your beloved canine companion in Doggy Daycare Near Me Kane County IL, visit a DayWatch facility today. We have locations in Geneva, Batavia, South Elgin, Aurora and Wheaton.