Searching for dependable and affordable Dog Daycare West Chicago IL? There are DayWatch locations just minutes away offering a range of services ideal for your dog care needs.

Dog Daycare West Chicago IL is available at DayWatch – 1840 Mill Street in Batavia – and at DayWatch Palms, located at 716 West State Street in Geneva.

Dog Daycare West Chicago IL

If you need a safe and positive environment where your beloved furry pal can stay while you are out of the house at work or school, consider the benefits of Dog Daycare West Chicago IL:

-Relieves anxiety when you’re gone. If your dog is prone to suffering from separation anxiety, you’re surely aware that it’s tough on each of you. If your dog does not have some sort of outlet to expend energy and an environment where she can play with other dogs, she can start to experience very anxious when left alone.

For instance, dogs with anxiety may spend hours chewing on things, licking their paws, crying or barking. It’s difficult for pet parents to see their furry pal is struggling. Fortunately, Dog Daycare West Chicago IL offers a safe and reliable way to ensure your dog receives attention in an environment that is physically and mentally stimulating.

Even in the event you do not utilize the service every day, weekly interactions with other dogs can help provide yours with the structure and activity he needs for a healthier lifestyle. While it might not fully eliminate his separation anxiety, it is a positive solution that limits his alone time.

A helpful recommendation is to schedule Dog Daycare West Chicago IL for your busiest workdays. For instance, if you’ll be going to work early or staying late, have an extra class or simply need to run some errands, that’s probably the right day to bring your pup to DayWatch for Dog Daycare West Chicago IL.

-Maintains a dependable routine for dogs. When you and your family are at home, it sets a familiar routine for your dog. This usually includes things like meal and treat times, bathroom breaks, naps and playtime. When you work a longer schedule or spend several hours out of the house it affects that daily routine.

Similar to children, it’s essential for dogs to follow a consistent structure and routine. Dog Daycare West Chicago IL can facilitate a healthy routine throughout your pet’s day that helps replicate her preferred experience at home.

One of the top benefits to sending your pet to Dog Daycare West Chicago IL is that he will engage in daily exercise which is so critical for overall health.

-Peace of mind for dog owners, too. As a caring pet parent, you can look forward to gaining peace of mind just by knowing that your four-legged buddy is receiving excellent care by our qualified staff of dog care experts. While you are busy at work for the day, there’ll be no more feelings of guilt or worries about how your dog is doing alone at home. With your pup safely under the supervision of the DayWatch team, you’ll find it much easier to focus at work.

-Socialization. In Dog Daycare West Chicago IL, your buddy will be in the company of other dogs as well as people. Naturally, this is an effective means of socialization opportunities for her. Also, it is great training tool for teaching your dog to stay calm and confident in a variety of scenarios.

-An attentive staff. Sending your pet to a DayWatch facility to Dog Daycare West Chicago IL will provide her with the affection and caring attention that dogs require on a steady basis. At DayWatch, our staff members are here because their passion is working with and caring for animals. After all, we’re dog owners too. We understand that dogs need loving, ongoing attention, so our staff members closely supervise our daycare guests to ensure their safety and wellness.

-The safety of Dog Daycare West Chicago IL. Bringing your dog to an animal daycare provider is often a far safer choice than leaving him at home. This is especially true if your pet is one that frequently attempts to escape his crate or yard. At DayWatch, safety is always our leading priority for all of our guests.

-Flexibility. If you believe that Dog Daycare West Chicago IL would be too much for your dog on a daily basis or your schedule does not call for it, you can choose other options. Simply inquire with one of our staff members about establishing a schedule that is a good fit for your needs.

-A tired pooch is a happy pooch! A dog who stays active and receives care throughout their day will tire out naturally. And when dogs are tired, they tend to feel more content. Consequently, that makes dog owners feel content and happy, too.

If you would like to learn more details about Dog Daycare West Chicago at a nearby DayWatch facility in Batavia or Geneva, just give call us or get in touch online. We invite you and your furry pal to stop by and take a tour of our facilities.

If you plan to give Dog Daycare West Chicago IL a try, it’s easy to make a reservation while you are here at DayWatch. We are excited to serving you and your dog!

If you need Dog Daycare West Chicago IL, there’s a DayWatch location close by with all the services you need

Has It Been a While Since Your Canine Pal Had a Bath? Signs Your Dog is Due for Grooming

For the most part humans are able to recognize when it’s time to go the barber shop or hair salon for a trim. However, when it comes to dogs, it’s not always quite as obvious to know when to schedule a grooming appointment.

While giving your dog a bath at home is always a fine option, professional grooming involves extra efforts to keep your pet’s fur coat, skin, nails and ears healthy. Also, grooming always our staff to inspect your dog for signs of ticks or fleas in the form of sores and skin irritations.

-Hair trimming. While in general most dog owners are aware that nail trimming is important, far fewer know that it is also critical to trim the hair that is around their pet’s paws. This specifically relates to dogs with medium-length or long fur coats because that can cause problems for their feet.

The hair that grows around your dog’s paws and in the gaps between her toes can start trapping debris and dirt while your dog is outside running and playing. When that occurs, the hair can start to cling together and get stuck to the toes. As a result, when your dog moves around on these accumulations of dirt it can lead to irritability and even infect the sensitive skin near their paws. Additionally, longer hairs can get underneath the paw pads, which can cause your pet to slip frequently and increase risk of injuries.

-Bathing and brushing. These are naturally among the basic and most popular grooming services offered at DayWatch facilities. Brushing your canine friend is also something you can easily do at home in between your appointments with our groomers. Consistent grooming with a quality brush helps keep your dog’s coat in good shape by removing dead skin cells, fur and dirt. Brushing also serves to spread natural oils through his coat, which prevents tangling while also keeping his skin free of irritants.

Plus, brushing offers an ideal opportunity to inspect his coat for signs of fleas. (Look for those telltale dark specks that are a sign your dog is hosting fleas) The way in which you brush your dog and how frequently will depend upon his or her fur coat type.

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-Short, smooth coats. If your dog is a Basset Hound or Boxer, for example, brushing about once per week is usually sufficient. Using a rubber brush, loosen the dirt and dead skin cells from her coat and then follow up with a bristle brush to clean away dead fur. Then, use a chamois cloth to apply a final polish and your low-maintenance pup will be good to go and looking good.

-Dense, short fur. When it comes to dogs like Retrievers, for instance, that have thick fur susceptible to matting, a once per week brushing is fine. But use a slicker brush to work through tangles and remove dead fur with a bristle brush. Remember to brush his tail, too.

-Silky, long coats. For breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier, which have luxurious fur coat, a daily brushing is optimal. Because their fur is so long, it’s important to remove tangles each day to prevent them from getting worse. Use both slicker and bristle brushes. If you have a long-haired dog such as a Collie, be sure to brush through the fur thoroughly and trim the fur around the feet.

-Longer hair that matts frequently. For those pooches with long hair, it’s advisable to establish a day-to-day grooming schedule to work through tangles and avoid matted fur. If the matted areas are particularly dense, clipping may be necessary.

For grooming, training, Dog Daycare West Chicago IL and more visit a DayWatch location near you today!