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Best Dog Boarding Geneva IL

Best Dog Boarding Geneva IL

At our Best Dog Boarding Geneva IL facility, we welcome canine guests of all ages, sizes and breeds! The experienced overnight canine care staff at DayWatch enjoys getting to know each and every one of our furry, four-legged friends and customizes care to meet their specific needs. On this post, we’ll take a look at large breed dogs and how we ensure that your big canine pal – whether he is an adult dog or a puppy – gets the care and exercise he or she needs when they are here for Best Dog Boarding Geneva IL.

Large breed dogs, just like their smaller counterparts, come in a broad variety of sizes, shapes and temperaments. A few examples are:

Labrador Retriever
Labs are one of the more popular of the large breed dogs. They are recognized for their friendly, pleasant demeanor, versatility and intelligence. They are often utilized as working dogs for purposes such as therapy, service, and search and rescue.

German Shepherd
Known for their intelligence and loyalty, Shepherds are strong and agile, especially for a large breed. They are commonly utilized for law enforcement and military services mainly because of their protective tendencies and trainability.

Golden Retriever
Affectionate and gently, Golden Retrievers are a large breed that excel as a family pets as well as therapy dogs. They’re known for their adaptability and patience, making them ideal companions for pet parents of most any ages.

Best Dog Boarding Geneva IL

Great Dane
Among of the largest breeds, Great Danes are easily recognized by imposing stature and their gentle disposition. But regardless of their size, they’re typically good-natured and easy going dogs that make a loyal family pet.

St. Bernard
These lovable large breed dogs are known for a patient and serene temperament. Initially bred for the purposes of rescue work in regions like the Swiss Alps, St. Bernards are affectionate and loyal to their owners, which makes them popular as a family pet.

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Larger breed dogs will often exhibit more energy than other breeds and, consequently, will typically need to get more regular exercise in comparison. Indications that your large breed dog requires more exercise can be clear both physically and in his or her behavior. One sure sign is when your big furry friend appears restlessness or keeps pacing around in your home. Large breed dogs that have lots of built-up energy can display behaviors such as constant circling. Or, they will seek attention through excessive barking and nudging.

This restless behavior shows a need to get some physical activity to use up excess energy and also get some mental stimulation. At Best Dog Boarding Geneva IL services here at DayWatch, you can rest assured that your large breed dog will receive plenty of beneficial exercise!

Another sign to watch out for is destructive behaviors. A large breed dog – as will smaller breeds – may begin resorting to chewing, scratching and digging when they’re feeling bored or anxious. If you start to observe that your dog is destroying things like shoes, furniture or other items around the house, it could be a signal that he or she needs more physical and mental stimulation through consistent exercise.

Weight gain or canine obesity is a common sign that a larger breed dog isn’t taking part in sufficient exercise. Absence of physical activity in combination with overeating can result in excessive weight. That can place a strain upon your dog’s joints and lead to other health concerns. Exercising regularly helps maintain an optimal weight and preserves your dog’s general well-being. If you would like to enroll your large breed dog at DayWatch for our Best Dog Boarding Geneva IL services just give us a call or reach us online!

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