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Daycare Dog Geneva IL

Daycare Dog Geneva IL

One of the most common reasons that so many pet owners choose DayWatch for our Daycare Dog Geneva IL services is simply because of the convenience when they need a location “near me.” A clean and secure location where your dog will be welcomed and cared for provides value and peace of mind. However, there are also many other reasons to consider choosing one of the best boarding and Daycare Dog Geneva IL services like DayWatch. When your beloved furry pal is here at our facility, she can enjoy playing with the other dogs in our care.
Socialization is without a doubt beneficial for a dog’s development.

If your dog spends a lot time alone while your household is out at work or school, he may not be getting many opportunities to play with other canines. Watch for signs like:

Restlessness and Anxiety
Dogs are by their very nature social creatures. If you notice yours is becoming restless quite often, it could be a sign of the need for more canine companionship.

Barks Excessively
Continual barking can suggest your dog is feeling anxious and wants to interact with other furry pals. At our Daycare Dog Geneva IL we encourage our guest to play with each another while under the supervision of our staff.

Frequent Whining
Similar to excess barking, when dogs whine frequently it may indicate a need to get more activity and connect with others.

Seems Withdrawn
In contrast to restless behaviors, some dogs have a tendency to become withdrawn when they are lacking in socialization.

When at last able to socialize, some dogs may be too exuberant, indicating built-up energy and a need for interaction.

Daycare Dog Geneva IL

Loss of Interest in Activities
A disinterest in their favorite or daily activities may signal that your dog could benefit from engaging with other dogs.

Body Language
Monitor your pet’s body language for telltale clues as to his demeanor and development. For instance, does your dog wag his tail eagerly or display a relaxed posture around other dogs? These are both good signs that he enjoys socializing.

Avoidance Behaviors
Conversely, behaviors like hiding or actively avoiding other dogs can indicate fear and a lack of confidence in social interaction.

Signs like excessive pacing or trembling when near other dogs typically stems from an absence of social exposure.

Dogs usually have an interest in other dogs and show it by tail wagging and sniffing each other. Lack of these common behaviors can mean that a dog is spending too much time in isolation. Different wags can convey various emotions. A relaxed wag while encountering other canines often signals a desire to interact.

Although this is not always the situation, some dogs will display aggressive or behaviors resulting from inadequate socialization, frequently as a form of defense mechanism.

Craves Attention
A dog that wants to receive attention may lick or nuzzle other dogs to encourage play. In some cases, periods of isolation or not enough socialization can lead dogs to exhibit depressive, lethargic behavior and even lose their appetite.

Antsy to Go Out
If your pup gets excited when you grab his leash or he shows excitement as you near the local dog park it means he wants the social interaction with other dogs.

Bounding Energy: Dogs with boundless energy may need the stimulation and exertion that comes from playing with other dogs.

Improves Behavior After Interacting with Other Dogs
If your dog seems to behave better after spending time at our Daycare Dog Geneva IL location, it’s a sure sign she benefits from socialization.

For more details on our Daycare Dog Geneva IL services just call DayWatch at 630-496-5500!

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