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Daycare Dog Aurora IL

Daycare Dog Aurora IL

Anyone who has spent some time around a puppy is probably well aware that they have lots of energy. In between work, household chores, family activities and other obligations, it might be a challenge for you to dedicate enough time to not just housebreak and train your new puppy, but to ensure they are getting enough exercise. It’s important to note that an active puppy is also a healthy puppy. Making sure yours remains active is an essential building block in their overall development and relationship with you. At DayWatch, regular exercise is something our Daycare Dog Aurora IL guests take part in every day! If you’re looking for excellent pet care near me call us today!

Why Daycare Dog Aurora IL Exercise is Critical
Exercise is not only essential to your pet’s physical and mental well-being, it helps you establish a lasting bond that will continues throughout your pup’s lifetime. Just as consistent exercise is vital for your own health, the same is also true for your new puppy.

Benefits of regular exercise for a Daycare Dog Aurora IL include:

-Lowers the risks of obesity and related health problems
-Improves cardio health and builds muscle tissue.
-Frequent, routine walks help promote proper housetraining.
-Increases your puppy’s ability to cope successfully when you are out of the house.
-Reduces behavior problems through mental, social and physical stimulation.
-Reduces problems with digestion such as constipation.
-Increases agility and balance.
-Builds trust and confidence particularly in timid dogs.
-Increases socialization with other dogs and people.

A healthy and consistent amount of playtime can direct your new puppy away from disruptive behaviors. Puppies typically crave a lot of activities like chewing, exploring and playing, which are normal canine behaviors. If there is no outlet for all that energy it can manifest as bad behaviors and symptoms such as:

-Restlessness and hyperactivity at nighttime.
-Scratching, digging or chewing.
-Raiding the trashcan.
-Jumping on visitors.
-Aggressive behavior.
-Biting or rough playing.
-Excessive whining and barking.

Daycare Dog Aurora IL

The precise amount of daily exercise a puppy requires is dependent on a range of different issues. It is important to point out that exercising too frequently can be just as negative as not exercising enough. Although they often display much more energy, puppies need shorter bursts of exercise in comparison to adult dogs. Excessive exercise can lead to exhaustion and risk causing joint damage, particularly in larger dog breeds. Exercise requirements vary from one breed to another. Generally, most canines can benefit from taking one or two walks every day at a minimum.

A helpful starting point is to try for five minutes of exercise, two times per for each month of your pup’s age. As an example, a three-month-old puppy should get about 15 minutes of activity twice daily. (Then 20 minutes twice per day at four months and so on.) Always monitor how your pup responds to these amounts of exercise and adjust if necessary.

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Even if you have a large yard for your new puppy to play and run around in, he will require more than that to expend all that excess energy. Brief jogs and walks are beneficial activities for puppies and their pet parents. Structured activities like tug of war and fetch are simply ways of strengthening the bond you share with your puppy. When he is alone at home, remember to provide distractions like chew or puzzle toys.

Avoid forcing your puppy to exercise because it can result in injuries and a host health issues. Examples of forced exercises are excessive running, skating or bicycling with a leashed dog, fast-paced lengthy walks or excessive fetching.

At DayWatch you can rest assured our Daycare Dog Aurora IL will give your precious pup just the right balance of exercise and rest.

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