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Puppy Daycare Near Me Aurora IL

Puppy Daycare Near Me Aurora IL

When it comes to housetraining your puppy, the main concepts are very basic. Essentially, you’ll want to teach your dog to eliminate on a particular surface or in a certain location. At the same time, you’ll also want to prevent the dog from developing the bad practice of eliminating on unacceptable areas or surfaces. Keep reading to learn a few useful tips that can help you succeed at housetraining your pup. Ask your veterinarian or our Puppy Daycare Near Me Aurora IL staff for more guidance if it isn’t practical for you to take your dog outside to eliminate.

Keep Your Puppy in View
Prevent your pup from forming any negative habits at your home by keeping her within your sight when outside. Understandably, this is not always possible. So confine your puppy to a secure and relatively small space. Ideally, your puppy should be confined or under supervision until she goes a minimum of 4 weeks without eliminating in the home.

Set a Schedule
Instruct your puppy where to go by frequently taking her to that area and letting her sniff around. Typically, your puppy should go outside shortly after eating or waking up from a nap. Feed your puppy 2 or 3 times per day on a consistent schedule. Try to avoid feeding for one hour prior to confinement or bedtime. Consistency is another advantage of bringing your dog to us for low cost Puppy Daycare Near Me Aurora IL! We maintain a set schedule that your pup will soon grow accustomed to.

Reward Good Pet Behavior
As your dog eliminates, be sure to offer some praise and encouragement. After she finishes, remember to give her a treat as a reward. (Try to do this right away after the dog returns indoors.)

Puppy Daycare Near Me Aurora IL

Accidents do happen, however, so it’s important to always remain patient with your pup. Puppies need some time to learn new behaviors and to properly develop, so keep in mind that messes will happen now and then. When this occurs, do not make the error of punishing your pup even if you are frustrated.

This could affect your relationship and could even slow down the housetraining process. If you do catch your pup in the act on an unacceptable surface, just make a noise. (Stomp on the floor or clap your hands.) All you want to do is interrupt the negative behavior while not doing anything that will startle your puppy. Next, immediately let your puppy outside to finish. Clean up any odors from carpeting and floors to help prevent the risk of resoiling. Launder bedding regularly and let your puppy outside during the evening if necessary since sleeping on soiled materials could impede housetraining.

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It may seem difficult at first, but socializing your puppy can be quite easy. Bringing your new dog to DayWatch for Puppy Daycare Near Me Aurora IL is a great way to accomplish this important part of responsible canine development. Doing it early on will help your puppy mature into a friendly, confident adult dog that is enjoyable to be around.

The benefits of early puppy socialization cannot be overstated. The good news is that it’s simple and can be lots of fun for both of you! All you need to do is bring your puppy out and about as often as you can. And with vaccinations being available at 6 weeks, it’s possible to take you puppy out of your house to get started. However, expose your puppy to new places, other dogs and new experiences gradually to help him build confidence.

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