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Daycare for Dogs Aurora IL

Daycare for Dogs Aurora IL

Taking home a new puppy is an exciting event, yet it’s also a big adjustment that your household and pup will need to get accustomed to. Without a doubt, paying careful attention to her ever-evolving nutritional needs is among the most important ways to keep her on track to a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to setting a feeding schedule for your puppy, try to stay as consistent as possible, particularly during her first few weeks with you. Very young puppies should ideally keep eating the same type of food the shelter or breeder or has been feeding them for at least a few days to allow time to adjust to a new environment. Whenever you change your pup to a new dog food, be sure to do so gradually over time. Mix a small amount of the new dog food in with the older food. Steadily increase the proportion of the new food during the course of the next week or so.

This is typically easier on the puppy’s stomach and will her get used to the new texture and flavor. Setting your puppy on a regular feeding schedule helps regulate digestion and will also make housetraining easier on both of you.

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If you’re not certain whether you should switch dog food from what the breeder and shelter has been feeding your new puppy, be sure to inquire with your vet or the helpful Daycare for Dogs Aurora IL at DayWatch for guidance.

Your vet can provide suggestions according to your puppy’s breed, growth rate, health and other factors. Even if you’ve had a puppy before and fed her a specific type of dog food it is still advisable to consult with your vet because different puppies will have different nutritional needs.

Daycare for Dogs Aurora IL

The amount of dog food your new furry family member consumes should be sufficient to maintain her proper body weight. Consult the feeding guide displayed the label of the dog food as a reference point. The amount you’ll feed the puppy depends on breed, size, age, general health, activity level and environment. To maintain a healthy weight, don’t overfeed the dog even if she still wants more or seems hungry. If you get a large breed puppy, it may be advisable to leave dog food out at all times or to provide a few additional cups each day.

However, this can increase the risks of bone tissue development problems or canine obesity. As a basic rule, a younger puppy should eat 3 or 4 times daily. This amount can be reduced to two times daily when the puppy is 6 months old. At DayWatch, our Daycare for Dogs Aurora IL staff will ensure your pup’s meals are nutritional and at a recommended serving size.

Talk to your veterinarian or our Daycare for Dogs Aurora IL team about how much your new puppy should eat each day. Also, be sure to inform your vet which type of dog food you’re currently feeding your pup, since not all dog foods contain the same nutrient amounts. This may affect the serving sizes that are appropriate for your puppy.

The proper diet for your new puppy should contain sufficient amounts of protein, fats, and calories to maintain healthy development into her adulthood. Make sure you consult the packaging on the dog food to see which benefits it provides your puppy. For instance, some dog foods contain antioxidants and vitamins to strengthen the immune system as well as minerals that help promote urinary tract health.

If you’re looking for a secure place where your puppy will be in caring hands while you’re away at work, enroll your pet in Daycare for Dogs Aurora IL at DayWatch!

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