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Daycare for Dogs South Elgin IL

Daycare for Dogs South Elgin IL

Dogs come in lots of shapes, ages, sizes and breeds. But something they all share in common is a need for daily, regular exercise. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lengthy, vigorous walk. In fact, in some cases, that could even be unhealthy for certain dog breeds. However, daily exercise is ideal for both their mental and physical health. (And for pet parents, too!) Here at our Daycare for Dogs South Elgin IL boarding facility, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from dog owners is about how much exercise their canine pals should get. A few key points to remember about the issue are:

-Dogs of most any breed or age require regular exercise each day for their mental and physical wellness.
-The amount of activity required depends upon a few factors like age, health, and breed. Generally, most dogs should get engage in 30 minutes to two hours of exercise daily.
-Consult with your veterinarian to assess the appropriate type and frequency of exercise for your dog’s particular needs.

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It’s always a smart plan to speak with the knowledgeable staff at our Daycare for Dogs South Elgin IL facility as well as your veterinarian about your pup’s exercise routine because they can range significantly according to the dog’s age and general condition. Your vet can provide you a good idea of what is appropriate for your furry companion.

There is no single size fits all when it comes to how much exercise dogs need. Most will vary in the duration of the activity. Puppies typically have lots of energy and will need plenty of opportunities to expend it. They will display bursts of energy, then go to sleep for long periods afterwards. Frequent, brief playtime along with socialization activities are suggested.

Adult dogs, specifically the active breeds, tend to display the highest need for exercise. Some might require over one hour of daily activity. This is especially true when it comes to working breeds such as Australian Shepherds.

Older adult dogs still should remain active in order to keep their bodies healthy and remain mentally sharp. Still, they might not possess the same levels of energy in comparison to younger dogs. Instead, they might be content with leisurely, shorter walks.

Daycare for Dogs South Elgin IL

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Smaller breeds don’t typically need as much physical room to move about, so they can usually get their exercise needs fulfilled indoors or in a small outside space. Yet they will still benefit from taking regular walks and engaging in playtime.

Large dog breeds frequently enjoy activities requiring a little more stamina, such as jogging, fetching or swimming.

Note that mental stimulation is equally as important as getting physical exercise. Puzzle toys, training sessions, socializing with other canine friends and exploring newer environments are good ways of keeping your dog mentally active.

At Daycare for Dogs South Elgin IL at DayWatch, we ensure that our four-legged furry guests get lots of regular exercise. The many benefits it provides include:

Physical Health
Exercise will help your pet maintain his optimal weight. This helps prevent a host of issues like heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Furthermore, it helps keep your pup’s joints flexible and his muscles toned.

Mental Stimulation
Exercise also can provide consistent mental stimulation for your canine, which is important for their overall wellness. Exploring new surroundings, sniffing new scents, and acquiring new tricks can all keep your dog mentally sharp.

Bonding Time
Exercising is a good way for you to spend quality time with your dog and strengthen the bond you share.

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