Daycare Oswego IL

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Daycare Oswego IL

Daycare Oswego IL

Thinking about enrolling your pup in doggie Daycare Oswego IL? There are many benefits to signing up for this excellent service – with exercise being one of the best. Exercise is equally as critical for canines as it is for their humans. While your furry friend attends daycare at DayWatch Bay, she will be able to burn away all that excess energy and engage in the physical activities necessary for optimal health. And besides exercise, our daycare guests receive mental stimulation that keeps their minds alert and sharp.

After running and playing, your pet will sleep well at night, which is always welcome news for pet owners. Other benefits to dog daycare include:

-Socializing with other dog. Dogs are by nature pack animals, which is why socialization is healthy for them. Playing and interacting with other four-legged pals will make your dog happy and become more comfortable in social settings.
Plus, if your pup tends to be on the shy side, daycare can help her gain confidence.

-Eases separation anxiety. Just as it can be for young children as they first start going to school, dogs can experience a anxiety when away from the familiar surroundings of home. Luckily, a big benefit to Daycare Oswego IL is that your dog will not be alone! Engaging with new furry friends of a variety of breeds and age is a good distraction and can help lower the symptoms of anxiety.

-Your pup will receive plenty of care and attention. Your beloved canine friend is probably accustomed to lots of affection from you and your household. There’s no need to worry about your dog feeling lonesome while at daycare here at DayWatch Bay. After all, we love dogs too! Our staff always keeps a close watch on our guests during group play and provides lots of belly rubs to make sure everyone feels welcome!

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