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If you’re searching for a safe and caring environment where your dog can stay while you’re at work, you’ve come to the right place. At DayWatch Bay, we provide professional and affordable Dog Daycare Aurora IL. Our staff of experienced, trained canine experts are here to care for your dog like he or she is one of our own. We understand that your pup is a part of your family that requires and deserves quality care. Dog Daycare Aurora IL at DayWatch Bay provides a safe and sanitary place where your dog will receive socialization and plenty of exercise.

Dogs have a natural inclination to be social animals. That’s why our team integrates open playtime with others into your pet’s day-to-day routine.

Dog Daycare Aurora IL

Consistent playtime during Dog Daycare Aurora IL offers a number of benefits, such as:

-Playtime helps your dog become more comfortable in the company of other dogs and other people. The Dog Daycare Aurora IL staff know who to handle dogs of practically any breed and temperament. We will ensure that your pup is comfortable and has an enjoyable time here at our welcoming facility!

-Stay physically fit. Without a doubt, obesity can be a problem for many dogs. That’s why getting enough physical activity is so important for our four-legged, furry friends.

-Learning healthy behaviors that lead to fewer instances of dog mischief while at home.

-Playtime enables dogs to make new BFFs with each other!

-At DayWatch Bay, dogs safely socialize with one another dogs and grow into well-balanced and happy canine citizens. Dog Daycare Aurora IL is an ideal place for you dog to expend their energy in a healthy way.

While dog parks can serves as an enjoyable outlet for you and your dog, it can be difficult to predict which kinds of dogs are going to be there.

For instance, there no way of knowing if the other dogs are aggressive, if they’ll respond to their owners or even if they’re healthy and vaccinated.

At DayWatch Bay, we screen and assess each dog before they’re approved for open playtime at Dog Daycare Aurora IL. In addition, we practice strict cleansing protocols to minimize the risk of illness. Our experienced staff monitors all canine activities to ensure a nurturing and safe environment for all of our guests.

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Obedience Training a DayWatch Bay

Are you experiencing obedience problems with your dog? DayWatch Bay offers dog obedience classes that can help correct problem behaviors! Some of the benefits to these enjoyable and information classes include:

-Improves control. There are standard commands that all dogs ought to know like: come, sit, drop it, stay, quiet and no. These basics help pet parents to manage their dog as he or she encounters various situations during the day. Learning these commands help keep dogs safe while also making it easier for owners to maintain control during walks or at public locations like parks.

At dog obedience class, you dog learns to greet other dogs and people in a calm manner.

This improved control will make it possible to take your pal along on activities like hiking or camping. Also, you won’t need to shut your dog away in a room when you have visitors at your home.

-Safety. Even dogs that undergo obedience training may in the event something startles them. However, a dog that returns when you call them can make all the difference in a risky situation. For example, running in front of an oncoming vehicle or darting out the door during a storm. Understanding fundamental commands like “stop” and “come” are critical in those common scenarios.

-Training forms a solid foundation. Practicing basic commands every day with healthy reinforcement forms a base that will enable both pup and owner to handle different types of common situations. Learning a reliable stay command will make it easier for you to maintain control over your dog and avoid potentially hazardous or uncomfortable encounters as your dog stands by and awaits further instruction. A firm foundation will help your pet gain an understanding of what he or she is doing right and wrong. Obedience training eliminates any uncertainty so your dog will know that you are the one in charge.

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-Get to know your dog. Obedience training provides you with a chance to spend enjoyable time with your canine friend. You’ll learn to recognize your dog’s body language and the specific signals he or she uses while communicating with you.

-Forms a bond. Establishing a firm connection between pet and pet parent is essential. Teaching your dog with practical techniques is an ideal way of building trust while strengthening the bond you share. A dog that receives obedience training is generally more at ease, manageable and confident. Also, it helps makes you a happier dog owner when your pal understands your expectations. A benefit of obedience training is that it teaches dogs to pay attention to their pet parent, which lowers stress and forms a loving bond.

-Provides healthy stimulation. With dog obedience training, you’re providing your canine with other healthy benefits like exercise, mental stimulation and simple quality time with you. Research indicates that most dogs enjoy their favorite treats as a reward when they have a chance to earn it.

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Along with Dog Daycare Aurora IL, DayWatch Bay also offers grooming and teeth brushing services. In fact, teeth brushing is among the most important things owners can do for their dogs that keeps them happy and healthy.

Bad breath is usually the first and most obvious sign that there may be a problem in your canine’s mouth. Bacteria and leftover food particles around their teeth and gums can be the cause of bad breath for dogs. If not treated for too long, this unhealthy combination can lead to formation of plaque on the dog’s teeth below their gum line.

Affordable Dog Daycare Aurora IL at DayWatch Bay – Call 630-686-8050

After plaque starts forming, it continually hardens and can result in gum diseases like gingivitis. Also, to the problem can get even worse for a dog if the gum disease causes their teeth to crack and break. Other potential complications can include misalignment of the jaw bone.

Providing your dog with bendable toys to chew on and play is a helpful way of keeping his or her teeth and gums remain healthy and strong. To prevent your dog from getting bored with their chew toys, try rotating different toys each week or so. Chewing is a natural activity for dogs, so having a variety of toys that encourages it can help support their dental health. Plus, toys provide an entertaining distraction for dogs.

Wipe your pup’s gums and teeth gently with a cloth after their meal. This can help to get rid of remaining food particles and dead cells in the mouth that can lead to plaque formation.

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