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Dogs are by nature social animals. Although they can usually adapt to a daily routine, some canines can experience anxiety and boredom when they spend their days alone as their owners are at work or school. From Dog Daycare Geneva IL to dog obedience training, there are a lot of ways to help socialize your pet. Just as too much alone time is not healthy for people, it can also have negative consequences for dogs. Dog Daycare Geneva IL is an affordable and caring solution to this challenge that is very common for dog owners.

It’s not unusual for some dogs to sleep for much of the day when they are alone. However, this sort of sedentary pattern is not especially healthy in the long term. The absence of physical or mental activities can frequently result in weight gain, mobility problems and even negative behaviors.

Dog Daycare Geneva IL is a good option for keeping your pet engaged and to prevent undesirable behaviors that resulting from boredom or isolation. Plus your dog will have fun!

Dog Daycare Geneva IL

The team at DayWatch Palms is experienced in the study of dog behaviors. We work very hard to be sure that every pet that joins us for Dog Daycare Geneva IL is benefitting from the experience. Additionally, we facilitate the experience for those dogs that may not have had the opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

We typically permit dogs to take part in Dog Daycare Geneva IL playtime at a pace that is comfortable for them. For dogs that tend to be shy or don’t have experience being around other dogs, this helps them develop more confidence and positive manners.

Every canine is different, with habits, energy and personalities that can vary. Enabling your dog to enjoy the Dog Daycare Geneva IL experience will let them socialize and use up energy without feeling overwhelmed. Daily or even Dog Daycare Geneva IL sessions can help keep your pet mentally and physically active. If your canine companion has lots of energy, spending time at DayWatch Palms for daycare or training can be very beneficial.

Warm Weather Tips for Dog Owners

Summer time means plenty of outdoor exercise for dogs, but it’s important to use caution during hot weather. To avoid overheating, follow these basic precautions:

-Some dogs may dehydrate rapidly, so provide yours with lots of clean, fresh water especially when temperatures and humidity levels are high. Be sure your dog has a shaded area to rest and don’t exercise him or her too much. In excessive heat, keep your dog inside.

-Be alert to signs of overheating in dogs, which typically includes continual panting, rapid heart rate, weakness, drooling or collapse. Seizures, vomiting and excessive body temperatures are also signs of overheating in dogs.

-Dogs such as pugs and bulldogs are more vulnerable to overheating because they can’t pant quite as effectively. These kinds of dogs – in addition to older and overweight dogs – should remain cool indoors when possible during the hot weather.

-Do not leave your dog alone in a parked car. Temperatures in a vehicle during the summer can rise quickly and be very unsafe for dogs.

-Do not leave dogs unattended near a swimming pool. Not all canines are capable swimmers. Introduce your dog to water slowly and outfit him or her with safety devices while on a boat. Rinse off your dog after being in a pool to clean off chlorine from their fur. Also, do not permit your dog to drink pool water because of the chlorine and other chemical content.

For affordable Dog Daycare Geneva IL, bring your pup to DayWatch Palms! We provide grooming, teeth brushing and more!

-Be aware that the food and beverages frequently enjoyed at outdoor celebrations can be unsafe for dogs. Store alcohol away from dogs because if ingested it can lead to risk of intoxication or even coma. Likewise, note that the kind of snack foods consumed by people are not appropriate treats for dogs; any variation in their diet – even of just for a single meal – might give your dog a digestive problem. Do not give your dog onions, raisins, chocolate, grapes or products with sweeteners in general.

-Avoid using fireworks near pets in general. Proximity to active fireworks are a potential burn risk. Even fireworks not used yet may contain unsafe materials. Dogs can become agitated around excessive noise, so it’s usually wise to simply leave your furry pal at home where he or she is in their comfort zone.

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-Open windows without a screen can be a hazard for pets. Try to keep your windows that don’t have screens shut to prevent falls.

-When temperatures get particularly high, don’t permit your dog to lie on warm asphalt. By being so near to ground level, your dog’s body temperature can escalate rapidly. Also, their paw pads can be vulnerable to burns too, so try to keep them off asphalt surfaces during the hottest time of the day.

-Common garden and yard insecticides may be hazardous to dogs, so stay them in a safe place. Also, keep other insect repellent products such as citronella candles out of your pet’s reach too. Contact your animal care provider in the event your dog ingests a harmful substance.

Professional Dog Daycare Geneva IL and Training at DayWatch Palms – 716 West State Street – Geneva – Call 630-389-9610

Could your dog use some improvements when it comes to obedience and behavior? Bring your canine companion to DayWatch Palms in Geneva for training classes! Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

-Strengthen the bond you share with your dog. Owners with well-behaved dogs get more enjoyment from the time they share with their pet. When your dog is well trained and obedient, he or she is simply easier to care for and, as a result, is more pleasant to have around!

-Easier to manage. The training your dog receives at DayWatch Palms will enable you to control your dog more easily. With the ability to respond to basic commands and exhibit good behaviors, your dog becomes a welcome member of the family.

-Sociable, friendlier dogs. Socialization is an important factor for good canine behavior. Learning how to react around other dogs and what is acceptable in “dog language” is a valuable lesson your dog should understand. It makes taking your dog out for a walk stress-free when you don’t have to worry about interacting with other four-legged friends!

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-Dog training is an enjoyable experience for both pets and pet parents! Your dog will enjoy the training experience he or she receives at our facility. Our experienced team of trainers at DayWatch Palms know how to communicate with dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds in a way that relaxes them and enhances their time with us.

-Trained dogs are generally safer. A trained dog is generally a safer pet to have near your friends and family rather than a dog that is hard to control and doesn’t react to basic commands. A dog that will come when called, stay off the couch and avoid pawing at your houseguests is generally a pleasant pet to own!

Get started today and enroll your dog in training classes at DayWatch Palms or call to learn more about Dog Daycare Geneva IL.

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