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Are you in need of a clean, safe and welcoming place for your dog to stay while you are at work or school during the day? DayWatch Cove offers Dog Daycare Glen Ellyn IL at affordable rates! Call now or contact us online to book a spot for your dog or to learn more specific information about our services.

Dog Daycare Glen Ellyn IL

A safe and welcoming place for your pet – Dog Daycare Glen Ellyn IL at DayWatch Cove

When you exit your home for more than a few hours, your dog may start to experience anxiousness and engage in destructive, negative behaviors that cause damage to your home and possibly even themselves. That’s why we provide state-of-the-art Dog Daycare Glen Ellyn IL facilities.

At DayWatch Cove (and at our other locations) dogs enjoy a safe, pleasant environment where they can relax while their pet parents are away for the day. Regular Dog Daycare Glen Ellyn IL offers lasting benefits for your dog’s general wellbeing. Here are just a few of the benefits:

-Relief from separation anxiety, boredom and loneliness.

-Dog Daycare Glen Ellyn IL provides socialization with other dogs and attention from our caring staff.

-Much needed mental and physical stimulation.

-When your pet is at Dog Daycare Glen Ellyn IL, it prevents them from forming destructive behaviors that can cause damage to your furniture and other items in your home.

All of our Dog Daycare Glen Ellyn IL staff members are well-trained to understand dog behaviors and provide them with the right kind of care and attention. We know how to handle dogs of practically any breed and how to engage with them in a positive manner. In addition – and most importantly – Dog Daycare Glen IL at our facility provides your pet with a safe and clean environment where they can feel at ease.

Quick Tips on Exercise for Your Dog

Before taking your canine companion out on for a lengthy walk or other type of physical activity, it is useful to consider if there are any health issues that might influence your dog’s capacity to enjoy it.

It’s certainly important to avoiding pushing your pet beyond his or her limits. For example, dogs that are overweight, have respiratory problems, limited mobility or who frequently overheat can often be at risk. Dogs don’t necessarily know when they should slow down and take a rest break, so it’s up to their owners to regulate their activities. Older dogs that have arthritis or hip dysplasia may be unable to walk as often or as far as they used to. Mobility problems, while more prevalent with older dogs, can also be diagnosed in dogs who are as young as two years.

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Dogs with limitations in their movements on account of hip dysplasia or arthritis still need to take part in some type of exercise to sustain optimal health and avoid more decline. Low-impact activities such as short walks or swimming are good options.

Why Regular Grooming is Important for Your Dog

With our progressively busy lives, sometimes a routine activity like pet grooming can be overlooked. Some pet owners may even believe that regular grooming for their dog isn’t that necessary: after all, their dog’s fur coat may appear to be in good shape without it. Yet effective dog grooming is much more than a few swipes with a brush. In fact, grooming is not just about caring for your dog’s fur coat, but also their skin, eyes, ears, nails and teeth. Grooming is a big part of overall responsible pet care.

-Appearance. For starters, grooming will have your four-legged pal looking good! Their fur coat will be brushed and clear of dead fur and take on a healthy gloss. Plus, newly-trimmed nails won’t scratch the floors in your home either.

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-Health update. Grooming sessions permit our staff to take a look at your dog’s overall condition. While our groomers are brushing your pet, it’s the ideal time to check for any bumps or trouble spots concealed by the fur. Also, we may discover and clear away any areas of matted fur that could be causing discomfort. Likewise, when performing a nail trim we may discover a sensitive spot or an object stuck in the paw pads. All these possible issues can be monitored and addressed when you bring your beloved pup to our facility for consistent grooming services. The earlier we discover a potential problem, the sooner it can be addressed by your veterinarian.

-A clean dog equals a clean household. Grooming can be a big help when it comes to the basic cleanliness of your household. When your dog’s fur coat is routinely bathed and brushed, the less dander and hair will be shed in your home, on your drapes, couches and carpets. In addition, if someone in your household is vulnerable to allergies, regular brushing and bathing is the most effective way to reduce dander in the air that causes allergic sniffling and sneezing.

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Why It’s Important To Keep Your Dog’s Nails Trimmed

When dogs spend a lot of time outside the house running on a variety of hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt or gravel, their nails are steadily worn down, which means they have less need for nail trimming sessions. However, with many suburban and urban canines spending a lot of their time inside while their owners are away at work or school, they tend to walk and run on mostly soft surfaces like lawns when they do go outdoors. Without any useful friction being applied to their nails, regular dog nail trimming becomes important.

Long, untrimmed dog nails not only look unsightly, but after a while they can inflict significant harm to your dog as well as scratch up your flooring. When a dog’s nails are long enough that they’re in constant contact with the ground, it exerts force back up into their nail bed, causing discomfort for the dog and pressure against their toe joints.

Over the long run this can cause the joints of the foreleg to realign themselves and cause the dog’s feet to appear splayed. This is not just an appearance issue, but also a functional issue: changing your dog’s natural alignment can leave him or her more prone to injury and make movement challenging and uncomfortable. This is particularly important for older canines, whose posture can be improved by nail trimming services. In severe cases, overgrown nails can curve around and grow back into the pads of their feet, or become split and torn.

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Fortunately, it’s not hard to prevent your pup from having these nail-related problems! DayWatch Cove offers very affordable dog nail trimming. Call today for an appointment or just bring your dog in to check out our pet-friendly facilities!

Teeth Cleaning for Your Dog

Without a doubt, your dog’s oral care is very important. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, as many as 80 percent of adult canines display some symptoms of oral health problems and diseases. In fact, many dog parents are not even aware of any issues with their pet’s oral condition until there are symptoms that require attention. Poor oral health can have an impact on a lot more than simply your dog’s mouth. Without proper and consistent care, poor oral health can result in infections that may spread throughout the dog’s bloodstream and affect organs like the liver and kidneys.

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