Dog Daycare Near Me Batavia IL

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Dog Daycare Near Me Batavia IL

Dog Daycare Near Me Batavia IL

For dog owners who are working a full schedule and are frequently away from home during the daytime, Dog Daycare Near Me Batavia IL service is ideal. Along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their beloved furry buddy is a secure and welcoming environment, dog owners also know their pet will enjoy plenty of healthy activities and exercise. Plus, the pricing is often lower than choosing the services of a pet sitter.

When Your Pup is Ready for Dog Daycare Near Me Batavia IL

Prior to enrolling in Dog Daycare Near Me Batavia IL at DayWatch, your puppy should be around 12 to 16 weeks old and have his first round of adult vaccinations. After those first immunizations, give your puppy approximately two weeks before you enroll them in daycare.

In addition to getting ample exercise and opportunities to interact with other dogs, the staff at DayWatch ensures that all of our canine guests are fed a healthy diet. There’s no doubt that a balanced meal plan is critical to your canine’s overall health, growth and cellular maintenance. Read on for a few useful tips on canine diets:

Barring any specific needs, deficiencies, or directions from your veterinarian, your dog should be able to obtain all the nutrients she requires from quality commercial dog foods that are specially made to meet these high standards. Dogs of varying ages, however, have different nutritional needs. So, how much should you be feed your four-legged pal? That depends upon factors such as breed, current weight, activity levels and the dog’s needs at various life stages.

Nutritional Needs of Your Dog
Nutrients are essential substances in food that are utilized by the dog as an energy source and as a component of the metabolic function necessary for growth and maintenance.

Dog Daycare Near Me Batavia IL

Feeding and Weaning Your Puppy
If you are responsible for the care of a puppy in the first months of his or her life, you’ll want to be prepared to gradually shift them from a diet of mother’s milk to a regular type of puppy food.

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This process of slowly reducing a new puppy’s reliance on his mother’s milk is referred to as weaning. Generally, it starts when the dog is between 3 and 4 weeks and ideally concludes when the puppy is 7 to 8 weeks. For more diet advice ask our Dog Daycare Near Me Batavia IL staff.

Feeding Adult Dogs
Adult dogs typically need adequate nutrients to fulfill their energy needs and to repair and maintain body tissues. When it comes to the amounts you should serve your adult dog, that is based upon their energy output and size. Levels of activity may vary a lot between dogs, and plays an important factor in determining their calorie intake.

Feeding a Senior Dog
Dogs start to show noticeable age-related changes when they reach about 7 to 12 years old. There are also body composition and metabolic changes. Some of these are unavoidable while there are others that are manageable through a diet plan. When feeding an older adult dog, a main objective is to maintain their health and ideal body weight while slowing the development of any chronic illness.

If Your Dog is Overweight
Among the more common challenges pet parents should be aware of is overfeeding. It’s understandable that we want to shower our furry friends with affection by means of large meals and plenty of treats. However, this can be misguided. As with humans, dogs who carry extra weight can encounter health issues. Be sure to only indulge your pup with affection and activities rather than food.

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