Dog Daycare Near Me South Elgin IL

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Dog Daycare Near Me South Elgin IL

Dog Daycare Near Me South Elgin IL

A new puppy can make for a fine addition to your household, but that does not mean they won’t be quite a handful at times. They have lots to learn and will need plenty of attention, structure and training from their pet parent. Part of providing reliable care for a puppy includes giving him or her opportunities to socialize with other canines along with exercise to expense their practically boundless energy.

While you are weighing your choices, you might come across Dog Daycare Near Me South Elgin IL and wonder if it’s a good option for you and your new furry pal. At DayWatch, we can take excellent care of your dog when you’re not able to, allowing her to get the optimal benefits of a supportive and caring boarding environment away from the home at competitive pricing.

You can typically start taking your puppy to Dog Daycare Near Me South Elgin IL after they receive all of their important vaccines. Most puppies attain basic vaccine requirements when they are between three and four months of age. It’s important, however, to consult with your local veterinarian to get an accurate timeline of the necessary vaccines in order to keep your puppy and others she will interact with healthy and safe.

The professionally trained staff at DayWatch have a detailed understanding of the various stages of a puppy’s development. We can effectively help guide them throughout these phases with techniques such as reading their body language and watching for social cues. These allow our staff to give your dog a positive experience that will help them socialize successfully with other dogs in public environment.

Dog Daycare Near Me South Elgin IL

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All dogs can benefit from a regular routine, particularly puppies. Having a dependable daily schedule is very helpful. Dog Daycare Near Me South Elgin IL will not only provide your tail-wagging buddy with structure, it also serves to familiarize them with varying experiences while in a secure environment. Our canine guests receive consistently positive reinforcement for the proper responses, and are rewarded with praise when they perform tasks such as sitting patiently for a nail trimming, greeting a new friend or simply coming when they are called.

As a puppy enters her adolescent stage, consistency will become even more critical. Puppies go into this stage at around 6 months old. It can last until they are around one year old or a little longer. However, this can vary according to breed.
In this point in their lives, younger dogs are known to sometimes test boundaries and display lots of energy. It’s not uncommon for them to forget cues they have learned. The structure of Dog Daycare Near Me South Elgin IL allows for the advantages of positively-reinforced learning and reminders of good canine manners.

Your pup will be able to get out lots of their energy here at our facility during the day, which means they can be more calm for you at home! Soon, your dog will associate DayWatch as a welcoming place where she can run around and play with other dogs, leaving more time to relax with you at home.

Importance of Socializing with Other Dogs
Exercise, education and socialization are all key aspects of caring for your new dog. They need exposure to different experiences to prevent bad behaviors and to develop into confident, well-adjusted adult dogs.

At DayWatch your puppy can practice essential communicating skills with his other four-legged buddies, including how to express when he wants to play, or that he is tired and ready for a break.

To learn more about socialization and the other helpful skills your dog can gain at DayWatch call us today or stop by for a visit!

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