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Your family dog is not unlike a human in some ways. While you and the rest of your household are away at work or school during the daytime, your faithful canine companion is missing you. They may spend several hours just waiting by the front door or window for you to return.

There is only so much that your dog can do while he or she is at home every day alone. Another issue to consider is that dogs can get lonesome and bored, which can result in anxiousness. Consequently, they may start negative, destructive behaviors such as chewing on shoes or furniture to simply pass the time.

Dog Daycare South Elgin IL

Just a few of the main advantages to enrolling your pet in Dog Daycare South Elgin IL are:

-Enjoy the company of other dogs and care from our staff. With Dog Daycare South Elgin IL, your dog has the opportunity to socialize with our experienced pet care staff as well as with other dogs. Without a doubt, socialization is important for a dog’s general wellness and development.

-Don’t stress if you’re working late. Some days people have to stay at work later than usual – it’s just part of life. However, that can mean even more alone time for you dog as he or she waits at home for your arrival. Or, perhaps you have a social commitment that extends the length of time your pet is alone. Fortunately, when your pet is at Dog Daycare South Elgin IL, they are in good, safe hands until you’re ready to come take them home.

-No need to arrange for someone to care for your dog at your home. You may have the option of hiring someone to go to your home while you’re at work to walk and feed your dog. However, it can be difficult finding someone who can reliably do so day after day. Why not avoid the inconvenience and anxiety of hiring a pet sitter and consider Dog Daycare South Elgin IL instead. When your dog is at our safe and comfortable facility, you’ll know he or she is receiving dependable and professional care.

-Dog Daycare South Elgin IL includes plenty of healthy exercise. Being in your home all day, every day can be stressful and monotonous for your dog. Too much sedentary time is not good for canine health. Even if your dog can get outside and access your backyard, they will probably not be very motivated to move around much without encouragement.

While at Dog Daycare South Elgin IL, however, your pet will enjoy the chance to remain active with lots of playtime. Your dog can run around and interact other dogs and members of our dog care staff.

This will be helpful for your pet’s physical and mental well-being.

Dogs, when they are left alone for extended periods of time, may start doing things like digging up your lawn or chewing on furniture to simply burn energy. Dog Daycare South Elgin IL provides a positive outlet for that energy! In addition to exercise, your dog’s time at daycare under the supervision of our staff can help reinforce positive behaviors. This tends to carry over to their behaviors while at home.

-Making new friends. One of the key reasons to choose Dog Daycare South Elgin IL for your special companion is the opportunity he or she will have to socialize with other dogs. After all, dogs tend to be social creatures who don’t especially enjoy spending a lot of time on their own. At Dog Daycare South Elgin Il at DayWatch Sands, they won’t be alone! They’ll be able to run and play with other dogs, which is critical for exercise and socialization.

Your dog likely will interact and become familiar with many of the same dogs each day, resulting in positive relationships.

-A change of scenery. While there is certainly no place like home, it’s beneficial for your dog to experience a different surrounding. With new furry friends to play with and the attention of our dog care staff, your dog will enjoy a change of scenery. Just as people do, dogs like getting out and exploring new environments. Dog Daycare South Elgin IL offers the opportunity to do that while you’re away at work or school.

-Lots of caring attention. Naturally, your dog enjoys receiving attention from you. So while you’re away in the daytime hours, why not allow our experience dog care team provide your dog with plenty of attention. We make it a point to ensure that each of our Dog Daycare South Elgin IL guests feels welcome and at ease here at DayWatch Sands.

-Gain peace of mind. Another main advantage of placing your pet in dog daycare is that you’ll have confidence knowing he or she is in a safe and pleasant location. Knowing your canine friend is engaging with other dogs, getting exercise and enjoying consistent feeding and rest times is a reassuring experience!

Along with our affordable Dog Daycare South Elgin IL services, DayWatch Sands also provides professional grooming that will keep your dog feeling, smelling and looking good.

Although bathing and brushing your dog while at home can be an option, a professional dog groomer takes the extra step to ensure that your dog’s fur coat, nails, skin and ears are healthy. Also, our experience dog groomers watch for any signs of problems, such as matted fur, skin irritation and sores.

Regardless of color, your dog’s fur coat ought to look shiny and healthy. If it appears dull and matted,

it’s time to call DayWatch Sands for a grooming appointment. Some dogs have coats that are prome to mats, particularly if they like playing a lot outdoors and in water. Areas of matted fur can cause discomfort for dogs. In addition, mats and tangles can trap dirt and debris, increasing the risk of skin irritation and other problems.

Other signs that your canine friend is due for a bath and professional grooming are:

-Their fur coat smells unpleasant. Excessive debris and dirt on a dog’s skin and fur coat will not just cause possible skin irritation and tangles, but unpleasant odors too. Our professional groomers will give your dog a bath with pet-friendly shampoo to remove all debris and dirt. Then, we thoroughly dry the coat and perform a brushing to leave their fur glossy and fresh!

-Ears smell bad or look irritated. Similar to their fur coat, unpleasant odors coming from the ears is another sign of the need for grooming. At DayWatch Sands, we offer ear cleaning and ear hair trimming services that will keep your dog’s ears healthy.

-Your dog’s nails are overgrown. It’s a sure sign that your pet needs a nail trim when you can hear that telltale “clicking” as they walk across the floors in your home. Your canine’s nails do naturally wear down to a degree as they walk and run on surfaces like asphalt. However, for dogs that don’t spend a lot of time on those surfaces, regular nail trimming is necessary. It is essential to keep a dog’s nails to a healthy length to prevent overgrowth.

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