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Dog Daycare Wheaton IL – Has it been a long time since your dog visited a professional dog groomer for an ear cleaning? It’s an aspect of canine care that is sometimes overlooked despite its importance. Just as you use cotton swabs to clean your ears after hopping out of the shower in the morning, your dog requires regular ear maintenance too.

Bring your pup in to DayWatch Shore for a grooming appointment that includes ear cleaning offers multiple benefits like:

-Keep your dog’s ears clean maintains his hearing.

-Ear cleaning also helps prevent the risk of ear infections as well as trapped moisture inside the ear canal.

-Cleaning flushes out problematic pests like ticks and mites that can cause infections in your dog’s ears.

-Prevents itchiness and other irritations in the ears.

-Reduce risk of infections. Because they can cause such discomfort for dogs, it’s important to prevent ear infections. The dirt and extra wax that can build up within the ear canal creates an ideal environment for yeast and bacteria that leads to infections.

Additionally, it’s difficult for treatments to sufficiently penetrate the dog’s inner ear when there’s excess wax in the way. With ear cleaning and ear hair trimming by our dog groomers, your pooch’s ears will remain free of bacterial infections and the discomfort they can cause.

-Removes weeds and other organic materials. If your canine buddy enjoys playing outdoors, rolling in the yard and running around in wooded areas, it’s critical to check her ears for debris. Small pieces of sticks, weeds and grass plants can get stuck in the ears while your dog is having fun at Dog Daycare Wheaton IL.

Inspect for these organic materials once per week and clean them out if you are able to do so. If not removed on a consistent basis, weeds and plant matter can work its way down into the ear canal, risking significant problems.

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-Eliminates ear mites. Irritating for your dog and very contagious, ear mites are a type of parasite that make themselves right at home inside the ears of dogs and other animals. These unwelcome creatures steadily feed on the oils and wax inside the ear canal.

In serious cases, they can result in ear infections. Although they are practically invisible to the eye, regularly scheduled cleaning with quality antibacterial products used at DayWatch Shore can effectively get rid of ear mites.

One method of checking for mites is to obtain a small sampling of the wax in your dog’s ears and spread it upon a sheet of paper. If you observe tiny specks within the wax, it is a sign of ear mites.

Promptly bring your pup to DayWatch Shore Dog Daycare Wheaton IL for grooming by our experienced team.

-An important part of regular hygiene. Along with reasons we list above, ear cleaning is simply an essential aspect of overall canine care. The wax that your dog’s ears produce naturally function as a kind of filter that keeps out dirt, dust and other debris. Where there is a lack of regular cleaning, the dirt can start to form a hardened coating that could lead to a range of ear problems like ear mites and infections.

Cleaning the ears ensures that the buildup of debris does not become too significant and will be easy to remove. Our dog groomers at Dog Daycare Wheaton IL are experts at ear cleaning and perform it in a way that does not cause distress to your dog. Plus, in the event that an infection does occur, we can detect it early and treat it right away to minimize the problem for your canine companion.

Dog Daycare Wheaton IL – Why Socializing is Essential for Dogs

Does your dog exhibit signs of anxiety around other dogs or when visitors arrive at your home? You may have noticed that some dogs appear friendly and calm when encountering unfamiliar locations, animals or humans while others display signs of aggression or fear.

Socializing your pet at Dog Daycare Wheaton IL will prepare him for a broad spectrum of situations.

In order for both you and your canine companion to fully enjoy the time you share together, it’s important to help your pup socialize with other dogs at early age if possible. While older dogs can benefit from socializing at Dog Daycare Wheaton IL it will usually take more time and can be far more challenging than it is with puppies.

Socializing is how your dog learns how to interact with her surroundings in a positive and safe manner without unnecessary aggression or anxiousness. Beginning the process early can help eliminate challenges for your dog and for yourself.

Older Dogs and Socializing – Dog Daycare Wheaton IL

If bringing your dog to the veterinarian or for a walk is stressful because you are concerned about him showing aggression, it’s a sign he can benefit from interaction with other dogs. It’s especially important to be patient and proceed gradually with an adult dog that you adopted or rescued.

Those dogs are frequently more prone to have fears and ingrained reactions. But after your adult dog is able to face a variety of situations in a calm and cooperative way, you’ll both be a lot happier.

Dog Daycare Wheaton IL and Socializing for Dogs is Beneficial for Pet Parents Too

Having a socialized dog means that trips to the vet or walks around your block are far more pleasant. You’ll be free from concerns that your dog might snap at passersby unexpectedly or start chasing bicyclists.

When your socialized fur buddy encounters unfamiliar dogs, people or locations without fear, she will be happier and a lot more confident. Consequently, that helps to make your role as pet owner more fun and less stressful.

In summary, socialization is an essential aspect for ensuring your canine enjoys a healthy develop and lifestyle. At Dog Daycare Wheaton IL, your dog will have an opportunity to make new furry friends while they run and play with one another in a welcoming and safe setting.

This will help make your dog content emotionally and physically. If you start dropping your dog off at DayWatch Shore regularly for Dog Daycare Wheaton IL, she will probably be seeing many of the same other pooches and form a healthy bond at Dog Daycare Wheaton IL.

As most pet parents know, dogs are pack animals that thrive on being with others. Dog Daycare Wheaton IL basically provides a socialization element that can occur only with other dogs.

Book Dog Daycare Wheaton IL and Grooming at DayWatch Shore

Why bring your furry four-legged friend to DayWatch Shore for bathing and grooming? There are many reasons why regular grooming is so healthy for your dog:

-Maintains a healthy fur coat and skin. A dog that smells good is certainly more pleasant to have around the house than one that does not. But that’s not the only benefit of regular bathing and brushing. Dogs – particularly those that are outdoors a lot – may pick up a variety of pollutants and pests like fleas, dust, ticks and pollen. They attach to your pet and soon make their way into your home.

In addition, they can result in allergic, recurring reactions in some dogs like itching and skin irritations. If your dog is hypersensitive, flea bites or exposure to pollen can result in skin infections. Dogs who do not receive regular brushing can develop knots and matts in their fur, which leads to uncomfortable pinching of the skin.

-Tooth brushing. This is another grooming service we provide that is very important for your pooch’s general wellness. Dental hygiene for dogs – without a doubt – is essential and sometimes gets overlooked by pet parents. One of the reasons is that it helps to prevent periodontal disease, which afflicts a very high percentage of canines. (Often before they reach the age of three.)

Periodontal disease is progressive and affects the tissues surrounding the dog’s teeth. A primary cause of tooth loss, periodontal disease starts when food particles and bacteria form harmful plaque on the animal’s teeth. The bacteria get into the areas underneath the gums and lead to gingivitis. Under the gums, the bacteria harms the supportive tissues around the teeth, eventually causing them to weaken and fall out.

-Freshens breath. Bad breath from dogs is typically the result of bacteria accumulating within the mouth. Routine brushing of the teeth and gums effectively removes the food particles that lodge in between your pet’s teeth. This prevents bacterial spread and the resulting foul odor.

-Reduces the risk to bodily organs. If toxins coming from periodontal or other oral illnesses start to enter the dog’s bloodstream, they may do significant damage to major organs like the heart, liver or kidneys. Fortunately, tooth brushing effectively stops bacteria in your pet’s mouth from affecting those internal organs.

-Prevents discomfort and loss of teeth. Quite predictably, the risks of dental problems, infection and diseases are significantly greater when dogs do not receive consistent dental care. Without tooth brushing, they can suffer from sore, inflamed gums, jaws and eventually the loss of teeth. The good news is that tooth brushing is an available and readily available service we offer at DayWatch Shore. Book an appointment today!

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