Puppy Daycare Near Me Glen Ellyn IL

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Puppy Daycare Near Me Glen Ellyn IL

Puppy Daycare Near Me Glen Ellyn IL

If you are worried that the demands of your daily schedule will make it difficult for you to properly care for your new puppy or adult dog, there’s no need to stress out over it. Why not take advantage of an affordable Puppy Daycare Near Me Glen Ellyn IL like DayWatch?

Daycare enables dog owners to drop their furry, tail-wagging friends off at our secure boarding facility where they will receive reliable care, exercise, meal times and fresh water until it’s time for their pet parents to pick them up. Puppy Daycare Near Me Glen Ellyn IL can be invaluable for dog owners working or going to school on a ful-time schedule. But it can also be utilized for single days or brief periods. Regardless of how much an owner cherishes their pup, there are some times when it may not be possible or advisable to leave them at home.

There are many possible options to consider when it comes to Puppy Daycare Near Me Glen Ellyn IL. If you are not able to keep your puppy at home or you’ll need some assistance, you can perhaps choose a dog walker or dog-sitting service. Or, you could request help from a friend or relative to take care of your pup for a day or two. However, consider the following benefits for your puppy when she spends time with the caring staff at DayWatch:

Daily Exercise
Dogs and especially puppies can be very active. If they do not get the exercise they require it can lead to depression, anxiety and weight gain. Plus, it could even lead to your puppy acting out by chewing on things and showing antisocial, poor behaviors. The amount of exercising a dog should get depends on factors like breed and while it can vary from one to another most breeds typically require at least an hour of activity every day.

Mental Stimulation
This is also important for puppies, and though it can be in many forms, just sitting alone at home won’t provide adequate stimulation. At a customized and professional daycare service like DayWatch your pup can enjoy socializing with the other dogs here, receive some basic obedience training and use lots of fun toys for exercise.

Puppy Daycare Near Me Glen Ellyn IL


Socialization is another important part in the development of any dog. It should ideally begin when they are puppies and continue throughout their lifespan. Socialization means interacting with new dogs while also encountering new situations. At Puppy Daycare Near Me Glen Ellyn IL, your pup will have the opportunity to meet some new canine buddies and share lots of playtime activities.

Prevents Separation Anxiety
Separation anxieties can be a problem for dogs of any breed. It happens when your pet is left alone for long periods. For example, if you’re out all day at work and your pup is left at home it can cause anxiety and even lead to bouts of depression. Taking your dog to DayWatch means that they’re not alone and prevents the risks of anxiety that comes along with too much solitude.

Ask About Dog Grooming Services
Some daycare facilities such as DayWatch also offer additional services besides supervising and exercising dogs during the day. For instance, we are also a leading local provider of professional dog grooming. Be sure to inquire with our Puppy Daycare Near Me Glen Ellyn IL staff about this. Our groomers can clip your dog’s nails, give her a bath, clean their teeth and more. Many of our pet parent customers find this is especially helpful if they are not comfortable trimming their dog’s nails.

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