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Daycare Dog South Elgin IL

Daycare Dog South Elgin IL

At our Daycare Dog South Elgin IL, pet parents will often inquire about dog grooming. Without a doubt, it is an essential aspect of caring for your furry best friend, but it can also in some cases be a stressful chore, especially if your dog would prefer to grow a matted, long fur coat than hold still and cooperate for a bath!

You aren’t alone as a pet parent in Kane County in this situation. It can be difficult to know how and when to groom your canine. Every adult dog will have their own grooming and needs according to factors such as their temperament, activity levels, coat and overall health. In order to keep your dog looking good and feeling fresh here are some grooming guidelines from our Daycare Dog South Elgin IL team:

Set a Routine
Establishing a regular dog grooming regimen is critical to maintaining your pup’s cleanliness and general well-being. Determine a schedule that will work best for you and then make grooming your furry buddy a regular aspect of your routine. For example, it could be a brushing session during the evening while you watch the news or perhaps dedicating a certain time every Saturday morning to pamper your dog. Having a routine will serve to make it a lot easier for you and your canine to stay consistent with grooming tasks.

Regular Brushing
There are many benefits to brushing your pup’s coat regularly. For instance, it helps remove dirt, debris and loose fur but also stimulates healthy skin. Also, brushing is a good opportunity for bonding with your dog and getting to know their coat. While you’re brushing, be sure to take some time to examine their coat, skin, eyes and ears for signs of any changes that might require attention.

How often to brush depends on coat type and whether your dog has a tendency to get dirty. It’s easier in general to do some brushing more frequently than to cope with matted clumps of fur that have been getting worse for a few weeks.

Daycare Dog South Elgin IL

Avoid Bathing Your Dog Too Often
After a thorough brushing, it’s time to hop into the tub. This doesn’t need to happen as frequently as brushing does. For most canines, bathing approximately once monthly is enough. This will depend upon your specific situation. Over-bathing, however, is not beneficial and can strip the healthy oils from your dog’s coat, increasing the risks of skin disease. Be sure you apply a canine-specific shampoo. Ask our Daycare Dog South Elgin IL staff for recommendations on which shampoos are appropriate for your pooch.

Trimming your pup’s coat is an important task that is usually best left to the experienced groomers at Daycare Dog South Elgin IL. But if you want to trim your dog’s nails, there are some points to remember. First, invest in quality, dog-specific electric-powered clippers in order to ensure a safe and smooth trimming experience. We suggest avoiding scissors because they can easily result in an accidental injury.

Nail clipping can indeed be a challenging task for many dog owners, particularly when your dog has longer nails. But with the proper approach and equipment you can make it a stress-free and manageable experience for both of you. The key is to consistently train your pup to tolerate having her paws feet handled at an early age. Choose sharp nail clippers made for dogs, and go carefully and slowly. Ask our Daycare Dog South Elgin IL for recommendations on quality clippers.

Before clipping your dog’s nails, locate the line in between the quick and the nail so you’ll prevent cutting too much. If you would like to sign your furry companion up for Daycare Dog South Elgin IL just call DayWatch today at 630-394-6720.

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